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Research Papers on Zeus

Greek Literature contains many different versions of the tales of the Gods. Zeus is one of the more often discussed Gods due to his importance in Greek mythology. Have the writers at Paper Masters custom write research on Zeus and his role as the mighty god from Greco-Roman history.

A Zeus research paper will most likely discuss the Greek deity Zeus (Jupiter as he was known to the Romans). Items to include in your research paper on Zeus:

  1. The Zeus paper will give an account of his place in Greek mythology
  2. Show Zeus's importance in terms of his being a part of the Greek way of understanding life.
  3. Discuss Zeus's main characteristics and the way in which he has been represented in various works of art.
  4. Discuss what those works accomplished in representing his essential nature and will end by mentioning the way in which the Greeks paid homage to him.

Zeus was the supreme god of the Greco-Roman pantheon. He was, above all, a God of power and his association with the thunderbolt—which only he made use of--signifies, according to Howatson, “his irresistible power over other gods and men”. In Homer’s Iliad it is made clear that his sheer might is sufficient to overpower all of the other gods put together. Homer has him say “Hang a great golden cable down from the heavens,/ lay hold on it, all you gods, all goddesses too:/ you can never drag me down from sky to earth,/ not Zeus, the highest, mightiest king of kings”.

Part of his importance derives from his physical power, but there are other things that contribute to that importance as well. We may say that he has an “historical” importance within the domain of Greek mythology because it was he who was instrumental in instituting the hegemony of the “Olympian” Gods. Prior to the Olympians there had been the Titans, descendents of Uranus and Gaia, heaven and earth respectively. Two of the Titans, Cronus and Rhea parented the original Olympian gods, among them Zeus and Poseidon.

Zeus was far from the ideal leader. Nevertheless, it is this contradictory nature of Zeus that helped the Greeks make sense of a world that was cruel and benevolent, deadly and life giving, wise and angry. For them, leadership required a certain might that was capable of punishing its subjects with such fury that both mortal men and gods would think twice before going against him. At the same time, Zeus is a leader who is a great protector capable of kindness and forgiveness. The poem presents us with a leader that reflects the harshness and irrationality of a world that was life giving and filled with mysterious power that caused suffering. In Zeus, Hesiod provides a model of leadership that combines the best and worst of both gods and men.

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