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Zero Tolerance Policy

Many American schools have in recent years adopted zero-tolerance policies. Originally designed to prevent drugs and weapons in schools, zero tolerance policies mandate certain punishments for any violation of rules, regardless of accident, ignorance or special circumstances. In the United States, zero tolerance policies in schools became popular after 1994 following federal laws mandating expulsion of any student caught bringing a weapon into school. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Zero Tolerance Policy that follows your guidelines.

Examples of areas in which zero tolerance policies are used include:

Zero Tolerance Policy

Supporters of Zero Tolerance Policy

Supporters of zero tolerance policies maintain that the black and white dichotomy is required in order to promote a safe educational environment. The inflexibility of the rules is designed as a form of behaviorism, since those who may attempt to break the rules are supposedly well-informed regarding the consequences.

Zero Tolerance Policy Critics

Critics charge that many zero tolerance policies are poorly written and often applied unfairly for otherwise minor infractions, seeing them as “zero intelligence” policies. Often, harmless items such as cough drops are classified as drugs, and nail clippers or rubber bands classified as weapons. Social science research has yet to find evidence that zero tolerance policies actually reduce incidents of drugs or violence in schools. Media reports such as kindergartners being expelled for making finger guns frequently bring embarrassment to zero tolerance policies.

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