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Vietnamization research papers are custom written from the history writers at Paper Masters. Quality historical facts and documented sources comprise all our writing and research at Paper Masters.

How do you start a Vietnamization research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Throughout the Vietnam War, various American Presidents enacted a number of foreign policy principles designed to bring our military success in the conflict. During the presidency of Richard Nixon, one such policy was called Vietnamization. This policy involved recruiting, training, and supplying increasing numbers of South Vietnamese forces to supplement American troops; doing so would allow our military to reduce the number of active personnel in the region. Vietnamization only dealt with the presence of American ground troops in Vietnam; it did not reduce the number of military personnel involved in air strikes on the region, nor did it reduce the number of American personnel that were involved in the region with various humanitarian groups.

The Process of Vietnamization

The process of Vietnamization was rooted in controversy for the following reasons:

  1. Gradually, Americans trusted their government less and less, largely as a result of the publication of the Pentagon Papers in 1971. This described the falsifications that were distributed by the government in an attempt to drum up support for the war effort.
  2. Stories of atrocities from Vietnam, including the massacre at My Lai, also detracted American support for this cause.
  3. Vietnamization was the government's attempt to alleviate the growing divide in American society; if they could make it appear as though measures were being put in place to remove American troops from Vietnam, the protest movement against the war might lessen.
  4. In truth, soldiers were removed from Vietnam and shuffled to other parts of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia.

Vietnamization research papers should show that while a noble endeavor, Vietnamization only further demonstrated the notion that Americans could not trust their government, because the implementation of such a policy did not produce the results that the government promised it would.

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Vietnamization Research Papers

Vietnamization research papers explain that, during the Vietnam War, various American Presidents enacted a number of foreign policy principles designed to bring our military success in the conflict.

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