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Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail

How do you start aHo Chi Minh Trail research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

During the war, northern Vietnam's 12 divisions were all touched by the famous trail. The Ho Minh Trail was actually a series of trails, used by the northern Vietnamese troops for transportation to the south. The trail renowned was also renowned for other uses, such as to transport supplies, food, and weapons. In addition, there were also many false routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail whose only purpose was to confuse the Americans.

The trail had even more advantages to the Vietnamese; it was hidden rather well, due to the excessive plant life of the jungle. The trail could be hidden by up to three canopies of tree cover. According to Lamb, approximately 620 miles long and up to roughly 50 miles wide, the Chi Minh Trail was a huge advantage to the Vietnamese in the war against the Americans in South Vietnam.

In attempt to expose the trail and rid of the greenery that covered it, the Americans used defoliants; the most popular one being 'Agent Orange. Although large portions of the jungle were killed, the feat was too great for the Americans. Other attempts to compromise the trail also failed, too. For example, building bases on the trail was unsuccessful. Similar to the 'Agent Orange' failure, the task of compromising the trail with numerous American bases was too prodigious.

Despite the copious attempts by the Americans to defeat the use of the Ho chi Minh Trail, the Vietnamese used the trail during the whole Vietnam War. A means for delivering food and supplies, as well as a means to confuse the enemy, the trail was a major influence in history. The trail played a considerable role in the Vietnamese victory.

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Ho Chi Minh Trail Research Papers

Ho Chi Minh Trail research papers discuss the trail that was renowned for transporting supplies, food, and weapons.

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