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German Prisoners War

German Prisoners of War

This is a research paper topic outline on German Prisoners of war. Post war affects and lifestyle will also be examined. Custom world history research papers are Paper Masters specialty.

Research papers on the German prisoners of war should look at the following aspects:

There research paper can center on the soviets control of POWs during WWII.

  • Discuss how this figure might have lived in the immediate postwar years.
  • What conditions did they experience?
  • What obstacles did they encounter?
  • What might their beliefs have been about the war, Nazism, and the present occupation?

How to Outline a Research Paper on German Prisoners of War

Begin your research paper by focusing on Russia after WWII. What type of prisoners were left in the prison camps and how were they treated? It is common knowledge that the Germans were forced to work very hard in the Soviet work camps once the war was over. Nearly 1 Million Germans died in Prisons in the Soviet Union. Investigate the major cause of death in these camps.

Of the 2 million who had survived war and the harsh conditions in Soviet camps, approximately 0.7 million returned to East Germany during the period 1945-1950. It was not until 1956 that the repatriation was complete, or at least as complete as it would ever be. An excellent research paper will deal with the experience of the returning men and how they reacted to that experience. Paper Masters' suggests that your research paper will restrict itself to East Germany because that is where the experience of returning POWs was harshest. Briefly discuss how a "typical" returnee to East Germany might have:

  1. Felt about his experience of captivity and about the Nazis movement that had led Germany into the war;
  2. What a returnee might find in the way of problems, obstacles, and prospects extent in the society to which he was returning;
  3. The experience a returnee might face in the attempt to re-integrate himself into a new German society in which the ideology-if not the methods-of the government had radically changed; and finally, as a conclusion,
  4. How the returnees' experiences affected the national modes of feeling and thought respecting the questions of German responsibility for the war and what Germans did during the war.

What Happened after the War was over?

The Soviet Union was not the only place German soldiers were prisoners of war. The United States had many German prisoners of war. Explore why the United States had so many prisoners of war yet most Americans do not know about them. Texas had many POW camps, even though the Geneva Convention forbids that prisoners be held in a climate that is unlike their own natural one. Many US POW camps were in army training institutions and hardly better than the concentration camp setting back in Germany. Explore the unknown factors of German prisoners of war in your research paper.

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German Prisoners War Research Papers

How to write a custom research paper on German prisoners of war in the Soviet Union and the United States during World War II.

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