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Of all the Nazi death camps during the Holocaust, Auschwitz is the most recognizable and infamous today. The atrocities that took place at Auschwitz under Hitler's command are seldom denied any longer. Forensic evidence and tests on the stone and iron still standing from the days of World War II give evidence of the types of murder and genocide that took place. It is a common misconception that the Jews of Auschwitz were hushed into fear in their struggle to resist the brutality of Auschwitz and other concentration camps. In fact, a large underground existed in Auschwitz that ran messages and contraband out of Germany and throughout Europe. However, despite the complexity and size of the underground, the prisoners of Auschwitz were unable to successfully hold an uprising, stage an effective revolt, obtain more than a handful of arms and explosives or organize a glimmer of an uprising to attract attention, like those in Warsaw or Treblinka. Auschwitz research papers have been written by history experts. Paper Masters can produce a custom written project on Auschwitz that fits your guidelines.

Auschwitz not the First Concentration Camp

The existence of concentration camps was not unknown even before the war began.

  • In 1933 there were approximately 50 concentration camps for the purpose of holding prisoners.
  • By 1938, there were approximately 30,000 prisoners in these various camps, though at this time the number of camps had been greatly reduced in number.

The population of these camps was in a continual state of flux, as prisoners were coming and going on a regular basis. The camps were more for intimidating their inmates rather than systematically breaking them, as would happen later. Additionally, Jews were not singled out to be sent to these camps; other inmates included criminals and political prisoners. Jewish confusion about the Reich's ultimate goal for them can be perfectly understood, given that until the Wannsee conference of 1941, it was not entirely clear to the leaders of the Reich themselves what was intended. The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of top Nazi officials to set in motion the Final Solution. The term "final solution" itself was used from 1940 on, but following the Wannsee Conference, the perceived need for the implementation of the Final Solution became more and more urgent .

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