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T.E. Lawrence

T.E. Lawrence

How do you start aT.E. Lawrence research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Although T.E. Lawrence is regarded as a legendary hero for his role in the Arab Revolt against Turkish domination, the man himself continues to be regarded as something of an enigma. Today, Lawrence remains at the center of vigorous academic debate about his notorious disdain of publicity, the merit of his forays into literature, and even aspects of his personal life, such as his sexual orientation.

Despite the controversy, the one thing that is universally agreed upon is that Lawrence led an extraordinary life and made a significant contribution in the Arab effort against the Turks. A research paper on T.E. Lawrence will present an investigation into Lawrence himself and his part in the Arab Revolt.

How to Organize a Research Paper on T.E. Lawrence

  1. First, a biographical overview of Lawrence's life and military involvement will be presented.
  2. Next, the means by which Lawrence became involved in the Arab campaign against Turkish rule will be outlined.
  3. Then, Lawrence's role and function in the Arab effort under the leadership of the Emir Feisal Hussein will be discussed, paired with an analysis of the aims and objectives of the Sharifs of Mecca.
  4. Finally, an overview of Lawrence's role in the struggle and an assessment of his historical performance will form the conclusion.

Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in Wales in 1888, the second of five sons. As Lawrence was to later find out in his youth, he and his brothers were illegitimate, the product of an illicit common law marriage. His father, a nobleman of Irish descent originally named Sir Thomas Chapman, had absconded with the Scottish governess to his four legitimate daughters, Sarah Junner. Chapman and Junner set up house in Oxford, where they referred to themselves as 'Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence,' although they were never actually married.

Lawrence an The Age of Chivalry

From an early age, Thomas Edward Lawrence (or 'Ned,' as he was referred to as a child) was preoccupied with past eras, particularly the age of chivalry. A diligent student, Ned won a scholarship to study history at Oxford University as a result of him impressive academic showing in high school. During college, Lawrence undertook a prodigious summer walking tour through the Ottoman Empire to document features of the native architecture for his undergraduate thesis, which garnered him highest honors upon his graduation in 1910.

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