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Roman Gladiators

Roman Gladiators

A common assignment onRoman Gladiators is as follows:

This paper is a Ancient History paper. This research paper will discuss the Roman Gladiators.

Please use in text citations for every quotes, facts, and information paraphrased in the paper!

  • At least one primary source
  • At least one journal article
  • A total of five six works used, more can be used, but at least five.

This Roman Gladiators Research Paper must be in Turabian format!

  • Have a complete background history of the Roman gladiators. Such as the people who fought, the different types of events, the fighter's daily life and where the fights occurred also discussing the types of weaponry used.

These are some the questions that I would like to have discussed in the Roman Gladiators Research Paper:

  1. How and why did the Gladiators games begin?
  2. What was their significance or purpose of these games to the Roman society?
  3. Who were these Gladiators were they all slaves? Did "free" men join or become
    gladiators as well?
  4. What was a regular day for these Roman gladiators?
  5. Why were Gladiators so praised in Roman Society?
  6. Information about the Gladiator games?
  7. Types of weaponry used? was there a difference in weapons used by slaved
    gladiators vs. free gladiators?
  8. Where did these games take place?

Overview of Roman Society:

Roman society was both different and similar to today's society. According to the journal Events and People in Ancient Rome, the greatest difference was the existence of slaves. Slaves were prisoners of war, or were raised from birth, or were occasionally children of family who sold them for money. They worked in low level jobs in agriculture, government, as domestics or as artisans. Slaves or freedmen were by law, untouchable by the highest classes.

The next lowest status was that of a woman. Because of the patriarchal system, women benefited solely from the status of their husbands, but had no real power in early times.

They were homemakers with no political, property or educational rights. At the end of the Roman Empire, they did have certain rights of inheritance which led to community status and access to education, but they never achieved the socio-political independence of women of today. Those that worked, did so because they were poor.

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This is a topic on
Roman Gladiators Research Papers

Roman Gladiators research papers discuss Roman Society and the differences between slaved gladiators and free gladiators.

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