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Neorealism and Classical Realism

Neorealism and Classical Realism

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To what extent has neorealism addressed the limitations of classical realism? In answering this question it should include brief but thorough summaries of the two theories, drawing upon the claims and arguments made by the authors we've studied. Be sure to highlight and explain key differences in theorists' claims and arguments. Finally, provide examples from contemporary international relations to support your analyses as well as your own views on the viabilities and limitations of each theory."

Content Guidelines Neorealism and Classical Realism Research Paper:

  1. This essay is meant to be primarily analytical in orientation and demand that you support your arguments with references to the weekly readings and the provision of detailed practical examples.
  2. You are encouraged to provide informed but creative interpretations of the question under consideration.
  3. In the process, it is absolutely essential that an essay address each segment of that question.

Format and Style Guidelines for Neorealism and Classical Realism Research Paper:

  1. Length: 5-8 pages.
  2. Must be written 12-point font.
  3. Must be double-spaced with a 1.25-inch left margin and 1-inch top, bottom and right margins.
  4. The documentation style utilized must be consistent throughout the paper. Students must choose either APA Publication Manual or MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (acceptable);
  5. Must state the question to be addressed on the first page of text rather than on separate title pages.

Overview of Realism:

Realism was a product of the early 20th Century notion of idealism, which speculated that man was basically good and would collectively strive to achieve peace and a cohesive international community to solve the problems of the world. However, WWII shattered the notions of idealists and spawned the ideology of realism. Realism is the political notion that the nation-state is a force that seeks to operate with international interests in the forefront of all policy making. For the realist, the struggle for power is an inevitable outcome of politics among rational and competing nation states. For realism, military and security are chief among the concerns for each state in order to achieve at least the illusion of power. The Cold War would be a good example of realist politics.

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