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A research paper on ISIS is probably in your near future. Many college courses require research papers on topics of current international importance. One of the most pressing issues of our day is the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, formerly closely associated with Al-Qaeda. ISIS is actually a very relevant topic for many types of research papers; a topic you may want to choose if your professor gives you the latitude to write on any subject you wish. Some topics that Paper Masters has seen come through recently on ISIS include:

  • The psychology of ISIS members and militant groups in general
  • The funding of ISIS - Who funds militant groups? Who funds this particular Sunni Islamist group?
  • The political history of ISIS - The leaders, the origins and its ties to Middle Eastern Politics
  • Military tactics of ISIS
  • US and International response to ISIS
  • What attracts foreigners to joining ISIS? What unique dangers do foreign member of ISIS present?

These topics are only the tip of the iceberg on ISIS. Paper Masters can choose a topic for you or write on any research paper topic you have been assigned involving ISIS.

What is ISIS?

You will need a firm understanding of what exactly ISIS is if you wish to write an intelligent research paper on the militant group. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a Sunni militant group that occupies parts of Syria and Iraq. They are also known as ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. It is estimated that their membership encompasses just under 10,000 members between Syria and Iraq. The particularly dangerous element to ISIS is the fact that an estimated 3,000 of its members are foreigners, with international visas and the ability to travel freely, including their presence in the US.

No research paper on ISIS will be complete without a look at its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Baghdadi is considered a skilled military leader and has already slipped through the hands of U.S. Troops back in 2005. He was captured by the United States Military but released by the Iraqi government. There is now a $10 million reward for information that leads to his capture or death.

The goal of ISIS is also something that should be included in your research paper, especially if it is for a political science or international politics and government course. Ultimately, ISIS would like to establish a Sunni Muslim caliphate. A caliphate is a nation or territory lead by one supreme religious and political leader. ISIS wishes this to span Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and various other territories in the Middle East.

Why is ISIS so dangerous?

As mentioned, ISIS is very dangerous because of their mobility. They are also ruthless and extremely violent, carrying out mass beheadings as a regular practice of territorial control. Their laws are strict and absolute; often utilizing archaic methods of punishment not seen in the modern era. For example, thieves are punished by their hands being cut off. Christians, Shiite Muslims and Iraqi Yazidis are victims of persecution on religious basis only and often murdered.

There are many angles a research paper on ISIS could take. Certainly religious underpinnings could be examined as well as political ideology. If you need help with your ISIS research paper, contact Paper Masters for expert, custom written research papers on ISIS.

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