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Hitlers Death

Adolf Hitler's Death

Adolf Hitler had a tremendous impact on world history and Germany during the 20th Century. Research papers on his death reveal that his suicide caused a great deal of speculation. For help with a research paper on Adolf Hitler's death, ask Paper Masters to have one of our writer's compose a custom project for you.

Adolf Hitler's Deathresearch paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

In 1945, the German war machine had been forced to a grinding halt. The advances being made by Soviet Union troops on the eastern front began to push into areas that were once German strongholds, including the entire territory of Poland. Concentration camps were beginning to be liberated; stories of the German atrocities were being spread throughout society. On the western front, the emergence of American troops to supplement the Allied forces was also pushing back German troops. Stalin himself had made it known that he intended to capture the capital of the mighty Third Reich no later than the first of May of that year. Various last-ditch efforts were made to regain control of the region, but to no avail. By April, Hitler was aware of his gradual losses, and decided on his final course of action.

Hitler's Suicide

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot within his bunker in Berlin. His wife, Eva Braun, also committed suicide that day by taking a lethal dose of cyanide. Hitler had made prior instructions regarding what was to be done with his remains:

  1. That same afternoon, Hitler was taken out of the bunker
  2. Taken into the garden behind Reich Chancellery
  3. Hitler's body was doused in gasoline
  4. Hitler was burned and his remains collected

When Soviet forces reached Berlin, the remains were gathered together and entombed in various locations; this was likely done to prevent a burying place from becoming a tourist attraction or drawing the attention of other successive radicals. In 1970, the remains were removed from these various locations and scattered.

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