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Chinas Cultural Revolution

China's Cultural Revolution

Paper Masters can custom write research papers on any aspect of China's Cultural Revolution that you need focused on.

While all cultures vary widely between one another, there are certain consistencies that cut across those differences. Each culture has a structure that involves the existence of a certain elite who have an investment in seeing the culture remain the same. So long as the culture remains more or less the same, or so long as change is gradual, the elite can remain in their positions of influence. China's culture was no different - thus an effort to obliterate elitism was the foundation of the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong's leadership.

In the 1950s, China undertook a Mao-inspired program called the Great Leap Forward in an effort try to reach its industrial goals. This was followed in the 1960s by another program instigated by Mao known as the Cultural Revolution. This Revolution was aimed at purging of certain elites and bureaucratic elements considered to be "bourgeois." Mao looked mainly to the masses for his support and as the means by which his programs would be carried out. He depended on a small cadre of Chinese Communist hierarchy who were dedicated to him to help him fashion post-World War II China into a Communist state. The peasants, however, often suffered under Mao's rule and his programs. Even Communist leaders of various cities or political groups became victims of Mao's programs and other actions to establish and strengthen China as a Communist state. The course of Mao's long rule over China was marked by a series of programs and purges in which Mao tried to modernize China and bring China to reflect Communist political and social ideas as he saw these. Mao's rule in China resembled Stalin's in Russian. The rule of both Communist leaders was characterized by the following:

  • large-scale, totalitarian programs
  • Collectivization to force their nation's population into institutions called for by Communist theory,
  • Regular, and often deadly, purges of their country's Communist political leadership.

Sample Outline on China's Cultural Revolution to Base a Research Paper On

  1. Introduction
  2. Chinese Cultural Traditions
    1. Nationalism
    2. Political Roots of Culture
    3. Agrarian Society
  3. Communism as a Catalyst
    1. Post WWI
    2. Mao Zedong
    3. May Fourth Movement
  4. Culture in Post-Mao China
    1. Globalization
    2. Nationalism vs. Western Culture
    3. Modernization of China
    4. Constant Transition
  5. Conclusion

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China's Cultural Revolution research papers overview the efforts of Mao Zedong's leadership to bring China into the 20th Century.

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