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Napoleon War Crimes

Napoleon War Crimes

Napoleon Bonaparte is known for being one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Research illustrates that Napoleon's war crimes were vast and many. Have the writers at Paper Masters outline the crimes and illustrate why they were considered war crimes. Our writers will tie the crimes into the battles, politics and psychological beliefs of Napoleon, as he led France to greatness.

Facts about Napoleon's rise to power include the following:

  • Napoleon quickly rose to power during the French Revolution after his military successes
  • Napoleon was emperor of France
  • Napoleon won most of the battles and wars that he led
  • Napoleon built a large empire that spread over much of the Europe

Even though he was average to small in stature he had a large personality and could dominate even the strongest leaders. It is believed he may have been overly aggressive to over compensate for his height.

It is believed by some that Napoleon was guilty of using extreme actions to prevent the uprising of conquered lands. One example is his ordering of genocide in San Domingo, modern day Haiti. At the time, San Domingo was a very important colony to France and they were very proud of it. In order to remain in control of the colony, Napoleon ordered the killing of all black people over the age of twelve. Many of these black people were killed by lethal gas when sulphur dioxide was released in the hold of the ships where they were being held. Slaves that were fought back were "roasted over fires, or filled with gunpowder and blown to pieces."

Napoleon is also credited with the defeat of Austria and Russia in the Battle of Austerlitz. During this six-hour battle, Napoleon's troops killed 19,000 of their enemies. It has also been discovered that under Napoleon's rule, concentrations camps were established and gas was used to kill many.

It has been said that Napoleon's ethnic cleaning tactics might have been used as a model for Hitler's treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust.

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Napoleon War Crimes Research Papers

Research papers on Napoleon war crimes discuss the extreme actions taken by Napoleon Bonaparte to prevent the uprising of conquered lands.

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