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Kosovo Conflicts

Kosovo Conflicts

Research papers on Kosovo illustrate many years of conflict. Have the history writers or our expert political science researchers custom write a research paper on the many conflicts that the people of Kosovo have had to endure.

In studying why such people would choose to kill or support killing, it becomes clear that most of the time they have adopted a "kill or be killed" mentality. They feel that their own safety and survival is fundamentally threatened, and that if they do not attack, they themselves or those they love will lose their lives. An excellent example of this is war-torn and oft-occupied Kosovo, where armed conflict and ethnic cleansing has been happening for centuries. In Kosovo, regardless of why the participants claim they are fighting, the underlying reason for the conflict between Serbs and Albanians is that they feel that if they do not fight, they will not survive.

For centuries, Serbs in Kosovo have lived in one of two ways: as dominated, abused, and disenfranchised citizens of their own land, or as the dominators of their neighbors. Largely Christian, they often attribute their nationalism to the defense of their beliefs, but in fact, their religious s stems from the three hundred years in the middle ages when they lived as subjugated non-citizens, called "Dhimmitude" in Islam, under a Muslim military dictatorship.

Even as recently as 1970, Serbs felt threatened by this type of occupied life when Aliya Izetbegovic, the leader of the Muslim faction in Bosnia:

There can be neither peace nor coexistence between Arabia, the cradle of Islam and non-Islamic social and political institutions . . . The Islamic movement must, and can, take over power as soon as it is morally and numerically so strong that it can not only destroy the existing non- Islamic power, but also build up a new Islamic one (Bat 125).

Any rational non-Muslim would feel at least marginally threatened by the above statement. Imagine that this same citizen has ancestors who, in that very province, had suffered under such intolerance in the past.

Seen in the light of historic occupation and ethnic cleansing, it is clear why Serbs would adopt the "kill or be killed", "dominate or be dominated", way of thinking.

Albanians suffer from the same survivalist mentality and for the same reasons. They, like their Serbian rivals, have been victims of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and horrific human rights violations by other ethnic groups. Under Serbian rule, they have suffered from poor education, they have been systematically denied employment, and completely exiled.

In the last thirty years, they have seen an independent Kosovo as the solution to their problems. Cries from their own extremists for their own ethnic cleansing of Kosovo, ridding it of Serbs, did little to abate the conflict between Albanians and Serbs. Indeed, it intensified Serbian nationalism, and the conflict escalated to the point where NATO in 1999 decided to intervene, as Serbians rested on the verge of completing their threatened ethnic cleansing.

Rather than diffuse the conflict, however, NATO involvement simply sped up the Serbians' implementation of their plan. In the process, nearly one million Albanians were exiled. Soon thereafter, an uneasy peace was proclaimed as Kosovo remained part of Serbia, but the genocide and exiling ceased.

Outline of Research Paper on the Conflict in Kosovo

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis - The conflict betw een the Serbs and Albanians shows us the amount of intolerance with religious, political, and racial conflicts throughout the history of the relationship between the Serbs and Albanians.
  2. History of Kosovo
    1. Battles
      1. 1913 Albanian rebellion against Serbian officials.
      2. The cause was the rape of an Albanian women.
    2. Kosovo's extra problems
  3. Religious conflicts
    1. Albania religion
    2. Islamic belief
    3. The Koran criticized Jews and Christians
    4. Serb religion
      1. Serbian Orthodox
      2. A division in the Christian belief
  4. Political Conflict
    1. Fascism
    2. Democracy
      1. Milosevic's wife a well-known communist
      2. Democracy had their fights with communism during the Cold War
  5. Racial Conflict
    1. Serbs

Many cases in our history have served as a proof of the complexity of human nature and psychics. One such conundrum is how can two people, who have a relationship, based on friendship, mutual love and help, and above all, willingness to conserve it, become fierce enemies, ready to kill each-other; how can two neighbors, who are as close as siblings, start destroying each-other's property and future; how can a family, living in harmony and love come to the breaking point; moreover, how is it possible that people, belonging to one nation and living in the same territory, lose their humanity to a point of committing atrocities against one-another? Yet, it is possible and people have often witnessed such a phenomenon. Unfortunately, there has been a proliferation of such cases during the last century. Interestingly, however, such people are neither primitive nor cruel in general. The answer is not insanity, as well. The clue can be found by looking at the larger picture - search!

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