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Iraq War Coverage

Iraq War Coverage

Iraq War Coverage Research Papers should include what you see below. The elements listed here include the main ideas behind studying and researching the media coverage of the Iraq War.

Goal of your research paper: To compare and contrast how mainstream, independent AND foreign media are covering the Iraq war. Because you will have done the readings and seen media on Iraq, I presume students to be informed and to look critically at the coverage.

Consider the following:

  1. What viewers need to know to understand what is happening in Iraq or US policy in the Middle East.
  2. Alternatively you may cover a human rights issue (check with your professor if you're not sure, examples would include the following:
    1. Darfur
    2. Pakistan
    3. Myanmar
    4. Burma

You must pick one that is in the news and is covered in Middle East media.

News Sources Used in Coverage

Be careful to emphasize analysis rather than your own Op Ed views: Analysis is substantiated by evidence, context, and by applying frameworks to critically assess news coverage (see below). Observations must be grounded in analysis of the media viewed.

Identify your news sources in parenthesis (NY Times, 10-23-06). Make reference to the readings where appropriate. USE quotes to illustrate your point but do not quote articles or news stories AT LENGTH (i.e. as filler).

You must monitor THREE news sources for an Iraq War Coverage Research Paper. The sources you should monitor include the following:

  1. MUST monitor a mainstream news source (see below) on a story about the war in Iraq. You should monitor the news program you choose more than once to get a good sense of how they are reporting the news. [TAPE record a program if you cannot watch it when it is broadcast.] Use strict news programs and NOT talk shows.
  2. MUST monitor an International or foreign-language media source for comparison during the same time period (see below).
  3. MUST monitor independent/alternative media (see below) for comparison during the same time period.

Media Coverage to Monitor:

  1. NATIONAL Media
    Newspapers: One of four major national newspapers: NY Times, Washington Post or Los Angeles Times, all available free online (some require FREE registration). Keep clear the distinction between the news story and the opinion piece. DO NOT compare op-ed columnists to straight news stories. If you make reference to commentary (Op Ed), label it as such and what this adds.
  1. Television: The NATIONAL television news programs at 6:30 PM on one of the three major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS). Do NOT use local news programs unless you are monitoring foreign-language media.

Alternative/Independent Media Sources

  1. Democracy Now: can be accessed on radio, television or on the WEB.

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Iraq War Coverage

Research papers on the coverage of the Iraq War delve into an example of the different types of media covering the war in Iraq.

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