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Early Stages of Cyprus

Research papers on the early stages of Cyprus illustrate that many countries were involved in treaty that returned Cyprus to the Greeks. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on topics such as the early stages of Cyprus. Get yours today on any Cyprus topic.

The end of British colonial rule came after an international treaty was written and signed by several interested parties. The following parties were all involved in the early stages of Cyprus:

The necessity of the other countries was due to the potential conflict between the two ethnic groups. Although the Turkey had controlled Cyprus prior to the rule of Great Britain, the Greek Cypriots outnumbered the Turk Cypriots. The basis of the treaty was to ensure that power was shared. This was referred to the Treaty of Guarantee. It essentially outlawed the possibility of Cyprus unifying with Greece and the creation of two separate countries which was the goal of the Turk Cypriots.

The Cypriot Rule

After Cyprus was returned to Cypriot rule, a Greek religious and political leader by the name of Archbishop Makarios was elected as president. However, the ruling EOKA endeavored to become politically unified with the country of Greece. This created much turmoil among the Cypriot Turks, and fighting between the two ethnic groups began in December of 1963. During the next year, peacekeeping forces from the United Nations were stationed in Cyprus. These forces continue to be stationed on the island.

When Cyprus began its own rule in 1960, it established a constitution for the basis of its new government. This document provided for a presidential system of government with independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as a complex system of checks and balances, including a weighted power-sharing ration designed to protect the interests of the Turkish Cypriots. The executive, for example, was headed by a Greek Cypriot president and a Turkish Cypriot vice president, elected by their respective communities for 5-year terms and possessing a right of veto over certain types of legislation and executive decisions.

Cyprus and the Greek Cypriots

Many citizens of Cyprus were discouraged by the new government because many elements in the Constitution were never established as required . The Greek Cypriots attempted to remove many of the special considerations for the Turks Cypriots through amendments, arguing that they created inefficient government. In fact, the Turk Cypriots request that Great Britain intervene and enforce the Treaty of Guarantee that had been signed in 1960. In response to this denial of their rights, there was fighting between the two ethnic groups, with the Turk Cypriots eventually withdrawing from the primary government.

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Early Stages of Cyprus Research Papers discuss the beginning of the Cyprus' freedom from Great Britain. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on topics such as the early stages of Cyprus.

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