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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Government

How do you start aAncient Egypt Government research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The form of government in Ancient Egypt was similar to the concept of a monarchy or dictatorship: one person held all the power in the realm, called the Pharaoh. Using modern-day perceptions of the term king or dictator, one can apply either of these terms to any of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, depending on their historical legacy.

While all the power was situated in the hands of the Pharaoh, he was seen as God-like, thereby placing a great deal of power in the hands of the church. The advisors and ministers to the Pharaoh were priests themselves; they were seen as the only ones worthy of carrying out the direction of the Pharaoh, and subsequently, the direction of God Himself. Other government officials were appointed by the Pharaoh, and included the vizier, a position similar to that of the modern-day prime minister. Lesser government positions also included that of treasurer, tax collector, army commander, and public works officer, though different terminology can be applied.

The government levied and enforced the collection of taxes, usually paid in goods or labor. Individuals could be drafted into the armed forces or into forced labor if they were unable to pay their respective tax. The government also utilized the labor of slaves and a system similar to the modern-day draft to staff the armed forces. The government of Ancient Egypt was a complex one, containing many levels and positions. However, all were directly accountable to the one individual with whom all the power lied: the Pharaoh, or God's chosen leader on Earth.

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Ancient Egypt Research Papers

Ancient Egypt Government research papers discuss the control the Pharaohs had in the government of Ancient Egypt.

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