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Afghan Civil War

Afghan Civil War

The Afghan Civil War is an ongoing conflict that has been waged in Afghanistan since the late 1970s. There have been many parties involved, and the consequences of this conflict have been far-reaching and significant. The Afghan Civil War decribes the series of armed struggles that have occurred and continue to occur in this region.

Some facts regarding the Afghan Civil War include the following:

  • The series of wars began in 1978
  • The saur Revolution military coup was the beginning
  • The Afghan Civil War Battle is said to have been from February 15th, 1989 through April 27th, 1992

More accurately, this conflict should be called the Second Afghan Civil War, since there was a brief period of unrest in 1929 when Habibullah Ghazi led a successful but short-lived coup. The Afghan Civil War as it is known today started when a communist party within Afghanistan took power, an event known as the Saur Revolution.

However, shortly after the Soviet Union invaded to replace this communist government with one of its own. The United States, through Pakistan and other local countries, surreptitiously supported the Afghans in this war. After nearly two decades of fighting, the Soviets gained control with a puppet government, but the Afghan population was still resistant.

The next phase of the Afghan Civil War started when the mujahedeen fighters, organized as the Taliban, fought to oust the Soviets from the capital and country. This group succeeded, and established an Islamist government. However, after perpetrating the September 11 attacks in 2001, the United States and NATO deployed in Afghanistan. This period of the Afghan Civil War saw Afghans supported in the Taliban and Afghans supporting NATO and the fighting one another, and this conflict still continues.

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Afghan Civil War Research Papers

A research paper on the Afghan Civil War discusses the ongoing conflict that has been waged in Afghanistan since the late 1970s.

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