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Women’s Health

Need help with a research paper on women's health? Here is a sample.

As a simple matter of biology, Women’s health issues require separate and unique attention from the medical community. From menstruation through pregnancy, breast cancer and menopause, women’s health demands attention to both the biological component of women, as well as the mental health requirements unique to women, including body image and violence issues.

When writing research on women's health, there are many fascinating topics that can be addressed within the scope of issues that are unique health concerns to women. Some of these include:

  1. Womens' mental health
  2. Breast cancer in women
  3. Obesity in women
  4. Gestational diabetes
  5. Physiological changes during menopause
  6. Ovarian cancerWomen’s Health

Women’s Health Issues

The simple, yet unavoidable realities of menstruation, along with the unique ability of women to become pregnant, breast feed and eventually go through menopause requires the special attention of gynecologists and obstetrics as separate medical specialties. Generally referred to as an OB/GYN, these doctors are focused on the exclusive needs of women as they move throughout their lifespan. While pregnancy, for example, is a natural life process, the potential for complications to both mother and child means that continuing the circle of life has special medical changes and challenges that must be cared for in the medical profession.

Women are not unlike an artist’s canvas, as they strive to capture forever the intrinsic and observable environment around us. Furthermore, they often represent the transitions that society is also facing in regards to economics, demographics and health and wellness issues. In addition to increased independence for the aging woman, thanks to the greatly acclaimed feminist movement, women have assumed a more independent role in directing their own destiny. Today more women are active, professionally and personally, in politics and the business world. This new sense of independence has a very positive affect on the medical and mental health of today’s woman. A healthy mind does, indeed, produce a healthy body. Further, wherein a few years ago exercise and competitive sports were reserved mostly for men, women today are finally beginning to realize the benefits of keeping healthy through exercise and proper diet. Although further progress is needed women are finding that a healthy diet and exercise can increase longevity and produce a more fulfilling life as well.

Women’s Health and Modern Society

Additionally, women’s health issues have a psychological aspect that is exclusive to women. Much of modern society puts pressure of women to conform to a particular body image, one that may be physically damaging to the individual and may cause a negative body image. Furthermore, many women are physically vulnerable to issues such as domestic violence, which can greatly impact their health and quality of life.

As women are aging better in terms of physical and mental health so are women outliving men. As the population of women increases so are there changes in the demographics of this unique population. Not only are women becoming more independent and self-sufficient they are beginning to relocate to areas that are more suitable to their newfound identities. Research shows that women are increasingly traveling more, relocating more frequently due to job preference, maintaining a driver’s license longer, and socializing more without the company of men. The end result will be a true independent identity and an entry into the history journals that no longer portray women as man’s possession. The female baby boomers will continue to exert their independence and build a society that will be recognizable and one wherein the coming generations of females can emulate. The new female will continue to assume important roles in business and commerce, politics, and medicine. As more women enter the man’s world she will give rise to intellectual and business competition; thus fostering a better society in which to live. With women living longer, enjoying better health and independence our society will gain significantly in developmental and social stability.

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