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Women and the Vietnam War Research Papers

Women and the Vietnam War research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

All throughout history women have made significant contributions during war. Female military geniuses include Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and Joan of Arc. The United States has been slower to include women in its military planning and actions. Women were not formally incorporated into the United States military until WWI when 34,000 women, mostly nurses, were enlisted. By the time of the Vietnam era, over 261,000 women were enlisted in the military in a variety of jobs including nursing, clerking, and secretarial work. However, the military was not the only organization to use women during the Vietnam War. Businesses, the press, relief organizations and the government all used female employees during the Vietnam War.

Roles Women Played in the Vietnam War

Women and the Vietnam WarWomen worked in Vietnam during the war for a variety of reasons like the following:

  • Women in Vietnam were there to support the war, others to support their country.
  • Many went to find adventure while others went to help in humanitarian causes.
  • And some found themselves in Vietnam against their intentions even though women were only supposed to go to Vietnam on a volunteer basis.

Vietnam War - Women Statistics

Statistics regarding the numbers of women who served in Vietnam are unclear. Some sources suggest that as many as 55,000 civilian and enlisted women participated in the Vietnam War. More recent figures suggest that 7500 enlisted women and 7500 civilians served in Vietnam. The Veterans Administration reports that as many as 11,000 enlisted women may have served in Vietnam. The inability to accurately pinpoint the numbers of American Women in Vietnam is an example of the societal belief that war is man’s work. Nevertheless, while in Vietnam, women were pivotal in carrying out a variety of jobs including nursing, administrative assistance, social work, intelligence work, journalism, and entertainment.

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