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Women in Mathematics Research Papers

Women in Mathematics research papers discuss the gender discrimination that takes place in science occupations across the board and specifically in Math careers. Paper Masters custom write research papers and research on women in mathematics.

For generations, young girls and women have long been excluded from the study of mathematics and science; these fields have long been dominated by male students at various educational levels. However, in recent years especially, the drive has been to change this perception, creating a culture of gender equity in all content areas, but especially in those courses where one gender is traditionally under served.

Women in Mathematics

Women in Mathematics and Stereotypes

Some of the problem originates from existing stereotypes about gender and academic ability. They include:

  • A long-standing assumption is that the female brain is not as well-equipped to handle the level of processing required for the fields of mathematics and sciences;
  • Women are better served, it is believed, to study the humanities or literary arts;
  • Because of this mistaken assumption, the way young girls and women are treated in these so-called “nontraditional” content areas can be inherently discriminatory;

When educators are aware of their mistaken assumptions and how this might affect their interactions with students of either gender, progress can be made toward creating a classroom environment that is open and inviting for all students, regardless of gender.

Women in Mathematics on the Rise

As time passes, these stereotypes only work their way into the educational system even farther. Ultimately, the result is that women are significantly underrepresented in higher levels of mathematics education, either not qualifying for admission to such programs or willfully avoiding the courses altogether. Here again, part of this can be due to the environments in which they are first exposed to mathematics; when young girls and women feel as though they are not welcome in a particular content area, it is natural for them to want to voluntarily exclude themselves. However, the underlying stereotype impacts students as well as educators, and many young females may simply assume that they are not as talented as their male counterparts.

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