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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Research Papers

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart research papers are custom written on either the musicians life or his music. You specify exactly what you need our writers to write on and they will produce your research paper exactly according to your directions. Previous topics on Mozart that Paper Masters has done include:

  • Mozart and his relationship with Royalty
  • Mozart's music and genius
  • Biography on the life and loves of Mozart

Once prized by the Roman Empire for its salt deposits and its strategic Roman roads, Salzburg was politically independent at this time. Wedged between Austria and Bavaria, Salzburg was a part of the empire of Austria as well as a part of the Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart The Child Prodigy

This European stage upon which the child prodigy landed was politically at rest for a time. The wars of the previous century, in the name of religion, much like today, had crumbled Germany’s political stronghold from the inside out.  What remained was a splintered alliance between “independent kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities and cities.”

Administered by a prince-archbishop, Salzburg was a religious state. These Catholic princes, some attentive to their subjects, some not, were all nonetheless enthralled with the arts.  The influence of these men brought talent from both Western and Eastern Europe.  It was into this great musical city that a young man by the name of Leopold Mozart came to find his fortune. He was an ambitious man who quickly gained a reputation and, after five years of study landed the laudable position of court musician.


Eight years later, Leopold married a poor girl by the name of Anna Maria Pertl. It was from their devoted alliance that the world’s riches would come: namely a little girl named Marie Anna and her younger brother Wolfgang. It was near the end of January, in the year of 1756 when Mozart made his debut, but amidst the joy was great concern for the well being of his weakened mother.

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