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Wireless Internet Research Papers

Wireless Internet research papers report that the United States and many European countries have lagged significantly behind Japan in the application of at least one type of technology: wireless Internet. Although efforts to introduce wireless Internet technologies in North America and Europe have met with dismal results, Japan has experienced wild success in this area within the space of a few years.

  • Much of Japan’s success with wireless Internet networking is attributable to i-Mode technology
  • i-Mode technology was first released in the Japanese market in 1999
  • NTT DoCoMo, a subsidiary of the Japanese-based Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Company first introduced i-Mode
  • I-mode enables subscribers to check e-mail, download information from diverse sources, play various games, and take part in electronic business transactions

Wireless InternetIn a world that is increasingly more dependent on swift-moving communications and information technologies, wireless networking has numerous important applications outside of the household and personal use. For instance, many experts are enthusiastic about the potential for fully mobile communications within the business and not-for-profit organizations, although concerns about security and breaks in communication will have to be better addressed before wireless networking can be fully embraced in organizations that handle sensitive information. In addition, events like the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States demonstrate how important wireless telecommunications media are in enabling flexible communication in emergency situations. Indeed, wireless technologies open up a world of communications possibilities that is only beginning to be understood and exploited. For instance, although much of the enthusiasm generated by technologies like 802.11b surrounds their capability for handling mobile data traffic, they could also easily be employed as vehicles for voice communications—thereby potentially emerging as serious threats to mobile telephone operators who have invested massive sums into third-generation licenses.

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