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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Winston Spencer Churchill is accounted one of the towering political figures of the twentieth century.  During the early dark hours of the second world war, as Britain’s prime minister, he was both  a fire of defiance to Nazi tyranny and a beacon of hope for the nations of Europe they had so recently trodden underfoot.  He was a prolific author and is remembered as a master of the spoken word.  Winston ChurchillAs in the case of other great leaders in office during time of crisis, Churchill’s public utterances are inextricably linked to the events that prompted them.

Winston Churchill provided a candid assessment on Britain’s financial situation and Britain’s inability to pay for arms, ships, and aircraft. He pointed out to Roosevelt that England could no longer afford to pay for materiel.  It is clear that Great Britain could not have conducted its defense without American economic collaboration and support. It is also quite clear that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt had an all-to-cozy relationship that persuaded Churchill of America’s intent to defeat the Nazis at all costs.  Churchill wanted a long-term American commitment to the war, but the immediate need was equipment to fight a German invasion of Britain.  The question of how to bolster and sustain the British remained for Churchill and Roosevelt to work out.  Since taking office, Winston Churchill had repeatedly begged Roosevelt for destroyers to combat German U-boats that threatened supply lines into the British Isles.

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