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Research Papers on Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans

Research papers on why America should rebuild New Orleans can focus on many aspects of rebuilding the city after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. The land, the people, the levies, or any geographical feature can be the focus or have Paper Masters write a custom project on a specific aspect of rebuilding the city.

Write a research paper arguing why America should rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This paper should argue one side. You may butress your arguments with the observations or analysis of other people (properly credited), but the paper should not be simply a summary of other peoples arguments. You should analyze the issue, showing why your arguments are correct and why counter-arguments are not valid.

An effective way to structure Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans Research Paper is:Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans

I. Intro

  • Thesis
  • Summary of main arguments
  • Transition

II. Big Idea #1

  • Assertion
  • Evidence
  • Summary and transition

III Big Idea #2

  • Assertion
  • Evidence
  • Summary and transition

Etc. until you get all your Big Ideas out

IV Conclusion/Recommendation

Division of the Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans Research Paper:

Sections: Divide the paper into sections. Give each section a heading (e.g., Introduction, History, Current Problems, Recommendations, or whatever is appropriate to your paper). Every paper needs these sections plus whatever other sections are appropriate for your Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans: Introduction, Conclusion (but you can name it something else if you want).

Introduction: Do not ease into the introduction, or try to "catch the reader's interest". Put your thesis statement in the first couple sentences. The rest of the introduction should be a preview of the whole paper, including the conclusions. The last sentence is a transition to the next section.

Paragraphs: Each paragraph contains one main idea. If you've got more ideas, they get their own paragraphs. That main idea goes in the first sentence - the Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans sentence. The last sentence is the transition to the next paragraph. The last paragraph of a section is the transition to the next section.

2. Voice and Tone
The tone should be somewhat formal and definitely authoritative.

  • No slang, no "I".
  • Avoid a conversational tone.
  • Mix up complex and simple sentences.
  • Use active voice wherever possible.

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