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Research Papers on Whooping Cough

Research papers on the rise of whooping cough would begin with an examination of the disease, its cause and symptoms as well as its historical and current prevalence. Paper Masters' writers report on the rise of whooping cough would then look at the following:

  1. Data demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccines in virtually eliminating the incidence of the disease among children over the last several decades
  2. The research addressing allegations that childhood vaccines like the one designed to prevent whooping cough are responsible for the development of serious mental and physical disorders in children, especially autism.
  3. Establish whether scientists can say with any certainty that vaccines like those that prevent whooping cough do not cause disorders like autism in children.

Whooping Cough is Nonexistent

The threat of whooping cough and other childhood diseases have become almost nonexistent over the last several decades thanks to the development of effective vaccines designed to prevent them. However, the incidence of whooping cough has been on the rise following a recent trend in the rejection of the vaccine by parents concerned about its side effects.

Whooping Cough Vaccines

Opponents of childhood vaccines argue that they are responsible for the development of mental and physical disorders in some children. Additional research is needed to establish unequivocally whether vaccines for whooping cough cause autism or other disorders. One of the most effective ways of mitigating the rise of whooping cough then will be to educate parents on the benefits as well as the risk associated with vaccinating their children against the disease.

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