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White Supremacy

White Supremacy is based on the racist belief that white people are better than other races and should be in dominion over people of other races. White supremacy is similar to the neo-Nazi movement. Not only do supremacists discriminate based on race, they also discriminate against religions outside of Christianity. White supremacy is also a political ideology in which members seek to return the country back to the days in which white people were considered higher than other races. White Supremacy

White supremacy ideology can be found in countries all over the world. Germany’s Nazism is an example of white supremacy. In this case, white people from Aryan heritage believed themselves to belong to the “master race.” In this case, they used their power to dominate Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies. South Africa, Rhodeisa, and Russia all have forms of white supremacy movements in their countries.

White supremacy in the United States has been around since the American colonization and continued even after the Civil War when slavery was outlawed as an institution. For decades African Americans were disenfranchised and not given equal rights as white citizens. In the United States, the Ku Klux Klan or KKK, became the most prominent group associated with the white supremacy ideology. Like other groups, the KKK believes in the preservation of genetic purity. Another faction of the movement are the skinheads.

White supremacy groups like the KKK continue to hold rallies in the United States to spread their message. The groups have also used the Internet as a way to communicate their ideology. The use of online platforms provides an extra layer of anonymity to group members. In recent months, white supremacy rallies have led to violence, as race tensions remain high in the United States.

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