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What are Schemata

Schemata or schema are commonly referred to in the field of psychology as a way to describe an individual’s theory of the world and how it works. The term also refers to the perceptions of one’s internal or external environments and the factors that influence these environments. In order to develop these theories or perceptions, human will naturally link data, images, ideas, and memories together to form an internalized chart or structure. What are SchemataUltimately, there are three different types of schemata that humans utilize on a continual basis: content, formal, and abstract. A content schema refers to previous experiences and knowledge.

This experience or knowledge can be personal or observed. Content schema is commonly utilized to allow individuals the ability to comprehend textual content, understand textual content, and remember textual content. Formal schema refers to an individual’s deductive reasoning skills and grouping abilities. This type of schema is commonly utilized in order to allow individuals the ability to solve problems, uncover hidden meanings, and identify alternatives. Abstract schema refers to symbols, images, and abstract situations. This type of schema is commonly utilized to allow individuals the ability to make textual associations, auditory and visual associations, and to remember textual content. This type of schema is also commonly utilized in problem solving, creative, thinking, and decision making.

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