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What Is Sin

What is sin term papers point out that Christians believe that there is such a thing as a little sin and a big sin. Although there is disagreement among individuals, governments, lawyers and judges, and priests and ethicists about what sins are little and what ones are big, there is hardly any disagreement that there are these two kinds of sins. This way of considering wrongdoing takes into account human nature and the circumstances of human existence. What Is SinBasically, this way of considering wrongdoing takes into account that all human beings are flawed and weak in some ways; and that such flaws and weaknesses result in a scale of harmful effects on individuals or on others or on society as a whole.


Stealing a candy bar from a drugstore is obviously a little sin compared with murdering someone. And there are even degrees of murder. The law recognizes accidental murder as opposed to intentional murder; and multiple murder is worse than a single murder. The law is not the final guide for the scale of sins; but it generally reflects society's evaluation of the gravity of various wrongful acts. Many harmful acts are not illegal, however. For instance, treating another individual one has a relationship with poorly or unfairly is sinful, though it is not illegal. Individuals regard sin as little or big or somewhere between these according to their own values and ideals. Also, different societies have have different evaluations of different acts. In a fundamentalist Islamic society, for example, a woman showing her face in public is regarded as sinful, as well as illegal in some societies. In Western, democratic societies, on the other hand, this could not ever be considered sinful with their traditions and legalities based on individualism and limited government involvement in the lives of individuals.

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