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What is Beauty? - Research Papers on the Concept of Beauty

Philosophy research papers often ask questions that have no definitive answer. "What is Beauty?" is an ambiguous question that the philosophy writers at Paper Masters can help explicate for you on any one particular concept or on the overall notion of beauty.

What is beauty research papers explain that beauty is the quality of something. What is BeautyBeauty is usually related to works of art, but it is a quality also attributed to diverse things such as the following:

  • Beauty in people or individuals
  • Beautiful types of days
  • Beauty in certain behavior
  • Beautiful styles of clothing
  • And vertually and other aspect of ordinary life

In the past few decades where there is no agreed-upon definition of art and whether something which is called a work of art actually qualifies as such, there is correspondingly much debate among artists, critics, and academics as to what beauty is. Despite the debates, it can be said that beauty is a quality of something that has an effect on one. While critics, etc. may disagree on whether what one is reacting to is beauty, one nonetheless is reacting to some quality of the particular subject, whether it be a work of art, a type of day, or another person.

Traditionally, beauty was a quality that aroused in a viewer what artists, art critics, and art historians referred to as the higher feelings. There was general agreement in society as well as to what the higher feelings were. They were feelings which seemed to arouse in an individual a sense that there was more to reality and his life than what could be found in his daily surroundings and normal feelings and concerns. This special sense formed by beauty was related to religion; which art originated from.

As modern society has become more secular, the traditional definition of beauty associated with ancient religious feelings has been lost. Thus in modern society, the matter of beauty has become mostly a technical matter. Rather than arouse certain feelings, beauty is seen mostly in terms of formal qualities such as a certain integrity of the subject, a combination of colors, and a type of composition or harmony. Artists and critics mostly explain the style, materials, etc. of a work of art and why it affects a viewer as it does rather than judge a work according to whether it embodies the quality of beauty.

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