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WebQuests are rapidly becoming one of the most widely used educational tools available. Education Majors are required to do WebQuests and collegiate education programs have implemented them as a standard part of curriculum.

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Our custom WebQuest's promote a high level of understanding of the research and present the information in a relevant and attention-getting format.

Webquest Process

What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is a classroom based learning project that derives its information from the World Wide Web (Internet).

A webquest typically contains the following elements:

  1. An Introduction
  2. A clearly defined task or goal
  3. Information resources
  4. A clear process of research
  5. Guidance on gathering resources
  6. Conclusion with directions

WebQuest's present research in a hierarchical format that leads a student through the steps needed to understand a topic. Tom March, a colleague of Professor Bernie Dodge, the creator of the WebQuest format, defines a WebQuest as:

...a scaffolded learning structure that uses links to essential resources on the World Wide Web and an authentic task to motivate students' investigation of a central, open-ended question, development of individual expertise and participation in a final group process that attempts to transform newly acquired information into a more sophisticated understanding.

Webquests have many benefits in the classroom setting, that is why education majors are encouraged to work with them. Internet in the classroom has become a tool used by educators in the modern classroom. The rational asserts that teachers that learn to gather and cohesively assimilate information from the internet will be good at instructing children to use the internet properly. There are many programs used in elementary schools that are used to develop career skills in children. Using the internet is one of the skills that students will need long into their adult careers and proper instruction at an early age will set them on the right path.

What to expect when you Order a Custom WebQuest from Paper Masters.

You receive a well designed WebQuest in a .HTML file. The WebQuest will be designed in the traditional scaffolding structure that integrates sound learning strategies, education theory and information technologies.

Relevant, up to date and easy to access web sites are hyper linked throughout the WebQuest, making navigation easy and straight-forward.

Designed to motivate students towards learning objectives, your WebQuest will include instruction and information acquisition development that is fundamental to understanding the topic chosen.

Because the Internet has such great promise, we can be sure that ways will be found to overcome some of its negatives. One promising approach to the problems of information overload and the existence of dubious sites that promote disinformation overload. That is to create for a given class a self-contained WEB environment. By doing so the teacher essentially does with WEB sites what the school librarian does with books: he/she filters them. A self-contained WEB environment contains links only to preselected documents; it is designed so that the student cannot, without instructional assistance/supervision, go to WEB sites outside a carefully constructed and selected domain. Such a device, however, loses many of the advantages that the availability of the WEB as a whole brings with it.

Most importantly, it restricts that freedom to experiment and go off on one’s own that is so stimulating to the student’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

There are many large-scale institutional projects within the field of education that are making use of the WEB. These are, he said, suggestive of a general vision of ways that K-12 education might make use of the Internet. He has also pointed out, however, that “…a vision of what the activity [WEB use] looks like at the level of the classroom is often missing…”.

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