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Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness Research Papers

Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness research papers can focus on any aspect of sociological research regarding vulnerable populations. Self-awareness is only one aspect that Paper Masters will focus on. Have the project custom written and use any of the information below to focus your topic.

Purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to apply criteria to select a vulnerable population - Hispanic population, study the demographics of that population, and reflect on personal attitudes and values towards those in that population. This assignment will allow the student the experience of self reflection to evaluate personal perceptions before and after learning about the population. All people have biases and self awareness is key to understanding how these biases may impact the delivery of health care to individuals, families and populations. Consider using this selected vulnerable population for the other individual assignments of this course.
Prepare and submit a research paper, which includes:

  • Identify a vulnerable population
  • Describe demographics of the population based on research of professional literature and websites including local state or national levels.
  • Describe personal awareness of the population (attitudes, biases, stereotypes) before studying the demographics.
  • State the impact of research on personal attitudes after gathering knowledge
  • Include how knowledge might affect delivery of health care
  • At least three references from the University library
Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness

Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness Paper should include:

  • Paper describes a vulnerable population and author's self awareness of same.
  • Major points are stated clearly and are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis.
  • Paper includes citations for a minimum of four references.
  • The paper has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow
  • The paper is directed toward the appropriate audience, and the tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.
  • The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.
  • The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.
  • Transitions between sections aid in maintaining the flow of thought.
  • The content is comprehensive and accurate.
  • The paper, including the title page, reference page, tables, and/or appendices, follows APA guidelines for format as directed by the instructor with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space.
  • Citations of original works within the paper follow APA guidelines.

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