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VPN in Healthcare Research Papers

Over the course of the last several years, dramatic changes in healthcare have occurred. While many of these changes have been fueled by the development and implementation of new life-saving technologies, some of the changes have been fueled by the application of specific computer and communications technologies to the healthcare industry. Thus, while technology in healthcare is undergoing a number of revolutions at the present one cannot help but consider the impact that computer and communication technologies are having on this field.

VPN in Healthcare

VPN in the Healthcare Field

With the realization that the healthcare field is being improved by the application of specific computer and communications technologies, this investigation considers the application of virtual private networks to healthcare. By examining the context and utilization of virtual private networks, this research considers the following:

  • Benefits that can be garnered through the application of the technology to healthcare.
  • Once the basic premises of the technology have been elucidated and the advantages for healthcare exposed, it will be possible to consider research that has focused on the application of virtual private networks in the healthcare setting.
  • By examining virtual private networks in this manner, a greater understanding of the utility and function of this technology should be gleaned.

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