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Research Papers on Violence in Scandinavia

If you need a research paper on the Violence Scandinavia have the writers at Paper Masters custom write it for you. Our writers know that the more books and scholarly articles, newspapers you utilize/reference, the better. Trust our writers to custom write the most up to date research on Scandinavian violence.

A study on violence in Scandinavian countries examines the topic of violence in contemporary Scandinavia. The study reveals, first of all, that despite the longstanding image of Scandinavia as a peaceful, orderly haven free of violence and other social problems, countries within the subregion currently struggle with various forms of violence. Violence in ScandinaviaSome of these forms, including violence against women, are long-standing but long-hidden problems that the countries have only recently begun to address aggressively. At the same time, Scandinavia has recently witnessed outbursts of newer, more “public” forms of violence—including gang wars and neo-Nazi aggression—that have shattered old stereotypes about the subregion. The study explores various popular analyses regarding the underlying causes of these new forms of violence, including explanations that cast the problem largely as one caused by influences external to Scandinavia. The study maintains that although such explanations are valid to an extent, Scandinavia’s mounting problems with violence will only be effectively addressed if they are approached as homegrown challenges requiring a careful reevaluation of old and now invalid attitudes towards criminals and violence.

Address the following in the Violence in Scandinavia Research Paper:

  • Gangs (native and immigrant gangs)
  • Crime (robbery, homicides, assaults... etc)
  • Drugs (do they make people violent?)
  • Domestic violence (child abuse, wife abuse?)
  • School violence (any after school fights going on? any gangs forming?)
  • Violent movies youth are seeing (do they imitate what they see? Is Hollywood exporting their gangster films to Scandinavia?)
  • Riots (any radical groups? tear gas being used, police brutality, anybody dead? who is rioting and why?) --the criminal justice system (their notion of 'punishment', any racist/prejudice cops?, any immigrant criminals and why?)
  • Prisons (any violence going on inside the prisons? who is in prison and why?)
  • Racism (any White supremacy groups harassing immigrants? what do Scandinavians think of new immigrants in their country? any hate crimes directed at immigrants?)
  • Unemployment (consequences of unemployment?)
  • Crime prevention (what are the local and state governments doing?)

Can you address some of the historical, social, economic or political variables that have contributed to these problems? Write the report on the “violent” side of Scandinavia and maybe WHY this is happening.

Satire is also allowed in the paper: if people are fighting over meaningless things then write this down in the paper. Write about whatever is considered "violent" in Scandinavia.

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