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Violence in Aztec Society

Violence in Aztec Society research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

The history of the Aztec Empire reflects the vast achievements of a comparatively unique assemblage of people, yet also presents a violent streak that is difficult to comprehend. They migrated to the Valley of Mexico, and achieved greatness and supremacy throughout the 12th century and 13th century, A.D. This tribal group consisted of hunter-gatherers that subsisted on the northern Mexican plateau, prior to the emergence to Meso-America at some stage in the 12th century.

Human Sacrifices

Violence in Aztec Society

The Aztecs considered themselves the chosen people of the war god Huitzilpochtli.  They were committed to making daily and numerous sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli. In spite of their terrifying tactics, Huitzilpochtli necessitated nurturing that could only be satisfied through the provision of human blood. In order to keep the momentum of feeding Huitzilpochtli, the Aztecs found themselves going to war incessantly. Their armies played a major role within the society, and the Knights of the Jaguar and the Knights of the Eagles were the military troops that sought out fitting human sacrifices to present to their god Huitzilpochtli. Interestingly enough, the Aztecs were exceptionally proficient growers and craftsman.

Ceremonial Procedure of Aztec Sacrifices

There was a particular ceremonial procedure involved in the Aztec sacrifices. Those being sacrificed were placed at the apex of the Aztec pyramids and set upon a smooth stone. There, the chests of those being sacrificed were severed open and their hearts were snatched out. The bodies were then thrown down the steps of the pyramid. Other shocking features of the human sacrifice included the pulling of spikes all the way through the tongue, and the painful sacrificing of offspring. This was a horrifying experience for anyone who witnessed this violence.

There were other bases besides the desire for blood that brought about these sacrifices.

  1. The notion of Tonalli, which is defined as an animating spirit, states that the spirit is passed through the blood. The heart was offered to the god, since blood flowed from the heart. The Aztecs felt that this would be the organ that would most satisfy the needs of the god.
  2. The masses also believed that if the sacrifices stopped, then the motion of the sun would halt. Continuing the sacrificial ceremony would prevent the sun from stopping.
  3. It was believed that without these sacrifices, all motion would stop including the movement of the sun. The Aztecs’ human sacrifices were intended to keep the sun from a complete standstill.

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