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Venereal Disease

The term “venereal disease” is more commonly referred to as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Venereal disease is transmitted in the following ways:

  • from person to person through sexual contact
  • Through sharing needles
  • Childbirth
  • Breast feeding

Medical health research papers discuss diseases such as venereal disease. If you need help writing a research paper on a specific disease such as venereal disease, Paper Masters can help with a custom written example.

Venereal Disease

The History of Venereal Disease

Venereal disease has a long history and the term was the preferred nomenclature until the 1990s. The first widely reported outbreak of syphilis occurred in 1494, sweeping across Europe and killing five million people. Until the 20th century, venereal diseases were incurable. However, the discovery of antibiotics made many STIs curable. In the 1980s, both genital herpes and AIDS emerged as incurable forms of venereal disease. Further, antibiotic resistance has led to re-occurrence of many untreatable STIs.

Venereal Disease and The World Health Organization

In 1996, the World Health Organization estimated that one million humans were being infected daily across the globe with some form of a venereal disease. Because many forms of venereal disease have long dormancy periods, it is sometimes impossible to detect infection without regular testing. Safe sex practices, such as condom use, have proven effective at reducing the rates of venereal disease. The most effective way to avoid venereal disease is to avoid contact with body parts and fluids which may transfer an STI from one person to another.

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