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Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia in the early 16th Century as an exploration into what would be the perfect society. Research papers on Utopia tell that through the travels of Raphael Hytholdaye, a mythical character, More tells the story of how an ideal island was set by eradicating the social, political, and economic evils of the State. UtopiaUtopia research papers force one to look deep into the heart of what makes a man and contemplate the relationship between the spiritual and the material; the relationships between what we have and what our soul has due compromise to survive in society. A research paper shows the key passage to More’s pleading for the reader to consider this insight comes in the end of the work during Raphael’s declaration:

In fact, when I consider any social system that prevails in the modern world, I can't, so help me God, see it as anything but a conspiracy of the rich to advance their own interests under the pretext of organizing society.

What more wishes to do with this passionate statement by Raphael is to not necessarily assert that it is the truth, but rather make one debate among one’s own beliefs as to whether or not the rich control the masses through their system of power. The key to recognizing this passage as more of a question than a fact is found as Raphael implores God (“so help me God”) that he can find no logical explanation for why the rich control society.

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