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Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field

Paper Masters custom writes research for medical professionals and students. Below are instructions for a research paper on the use of Mathematics in the Medical Field that you can use to create your own paper or as instructions for our writers.

Math and Medicine

From something as simple as doctors knowing how many milligrams to prescribe to something as complex as supershielding an MRI machine, mathematics plays a vital role in medicine every day.  Use of Mathematics in the Medical FieldEven so, most patients will never know how much credit goes to mathematics for their treatments and diagnoses, mainly because the mathematics of medicine is hidden behind computer screens and imbedded in the design of the diagnostic tools. 

The contributions of mathematics to modern medicine are really too numerous to detail in one sitting.  This representative sampling of mathematics’ role in medicine will include a study of math in the following:

  1. The development and continued improvement of the MRI
  2. The uses of virtual reality computer modeling
  3. The increased ability of scientists to decode the complex inner workings of the human body

The impact of mathematics and its use in computer simulations, imaging, and technology is unmistakable and unarguable.  Without the advances in mathematics and science over the course of the last hundred years, medicine would most certainly still be in the stone age of the eighteenth and nineteenth century where physicians used leeches to bleed the bad blood out of their patients and surgery was little more than butchery.  With the marriage of science, mathematics, and technology, twenty-first century patients have a prescription for a long and healthy life.

Guidelines for a Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field Research Paper

  1. Address your term paper to a mathematical scholar.
  2. Organize the information into a meaningful pattern using section headings and subheadings. List of references (Bibliography) and citations as appropriate.
  3. Be sure and include the normal requirements of a research paper
  4. State what the thesis is within the first paragraph
  5. Make it clear how you developed it
  6. Always show where the information you obtained led


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