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U.S. - Mexican Border Research Papers

There are many issues that can be discussed in a research paper on the topic of the US - Mexican Border. Have Paper Masters help with your custom research paper on border relations between the United States and Mexico.

Although all geopolitical borders present a special set of challenges, the region that separates the United States and Mexico is characterized by a number of issues, concerns, challenges, and controversies that are specific to the intersection of these two nations. While these issues and concerns vary considerably, most stem from the undeniable difference in the affluence and standard of living between the United States and Mexico. Indeed, it has often been remarked that the treacherous fences that stretch across many of the border region’s desolate deserts are all that separates the First and the Third World. 

U.S.- Mexican Border

To formulate a good paper on issues regarding the US - Mexican Border will present the following:

  1. A broad-based overview of the issues, problems, dilemmas, and opportunities that are unique to the U.S.-Mexico border region.
  2. The primary focus will be upon delineating and describing the unique demographic, environmental, cultural, and health issues that have emerged from the intersection of these two nations.
  3. In order to ensure a far-reaching yet balanced analytical perspective, these questions will be addressed from a variety of disciplinary viewpoints.
  4. Finally, in conclusion, an overarching assessment of the most pressing current and future issues facing the U.S.-Mexico border region will be presented.

The population of the U.S.-Mexico border region consists of nearly 12 million people, the slight majority of which reside within the border of the United States. At a pace that outpaces the national average, the U.S.-Mexico border region has recently experienced an annual rate of population growth that is between three and four percent, with slightly higher growth rates among the Mexican population. Overall, fertility levels have diminished considerably over the last several decades in Mexico. This development is thought to be the result of loosening social mores that allow for some latitude in the traditional prohibition against contraception in the Catholic Church, which comprises up to 96% of the Mexican population.

As late as 1975, Mexican women were averaging seven births in a lifetime, while today, that number has diminished to an average of three births per woman, slightly more than the average of two births per woman in the United States. Today, the diminishment in the fertility rate that occurred in the late 1970s and 1980s appears to have slowed significantly. Still, the population of Mexico is fast approaching the 100-million mark, with 50% of the population distributed throughout large urban cities. Future estimates for Mexico’s population by the year 2050 range from 150-200 million.

Arguably, the factor that has ensured in recent years that the question of U.S.-Mexico relations constantly remains within the public discourse is what many analysts perceive as the vast and as yet untapped economic promise of the country, and in particular, of the U.S.-Mexico border region. As trade between Mexico, the United States, and the rest of the world has become increasingly liberalized over the past twenty years, many nations have realized the financial benefits of doing business with or within Mexico. However, the increased economic interest of other nations in the U.S.-Mexico border region has served to only heighten the urgency of many of the pressing issues that emerge from this area.   

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