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History Essays

History Essays

History essays can be written on a variety of topics that have to do with the past of the United States. You can choose from any topic below or have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your history essay for you. Simply tell us exactly what topic you need written on and our US history writers will compose your custom project for you. It's that easy!

  1. What was the industrial revolution all about? What changes were involved in it and how did these changes affect the lives of men and women, the world of production and the structure of the societies involved?
  2. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, among others, wrote critiques of new capitalist industrial society. What did they criticize? Based on your reading of the required texts how would you describe Marx and Engels' views on history, the class system and the role of capitalism and industry in human life? How would Adam Smith's economic theories support or differ from those of Marx and Engels?
  3. Liberalism and Conservatism were two of the earliest of the ideologies that arose or were defined during the nineteenth century.

    a. What were the main points of liberalism?

    b. What were the main points of conservatism?

    c. It could be argued that Nationalism was the single most influential ideology to emerge in the nineteenth century. Identify some of the major components of Nationalism and consider why the previous statement might be accurate.

    d. What connections, if any, were there between Nationalism and Liberalism, between Nationalism and Conservatism?

  4. Compare and contrast the economic developments in other nations or area, such as Russia and Japan, during this same period. How were those states affected by the changes listed above?

Example of the beginning of a good history essay:

Overview of Industrial Revolution:

The industrial revolution is one of the most far- reaching historical phenomena man has encountered. The technological advancement in Europe not only resulted in the inventions of the printing press and the steam engine; it has also forged distinct changes in third world development. Peter N. Stearns cites "the breadth of its development in different places at different times" as a main reason the industrial revolution is a complex historical period. In order to understand the process of global development, we must fully understand the impact of the industrial revolution in different regions must be assessed.

This research paper will discuss the industrial revolution in relation to the colonization of the third world. In Africa, technological advances insured that European powers would establish economic and political control. In Asia, western influence led to economically focused urban development. Latin American colonialism was spearheaded by the demand for raw materials increased by the industrial revolution in Europe.

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