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Why The North Won The Civil War

Why the North Won the Civil War

How do you start a Why the North Won the Civil War research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Why the North won the Civil War research papers are complex examinations into the reasons behind the victory. Civil War historians have argued about reasons for the North's victory ever since the War ended. Even in the years immediately proceeding the Civil War, historians disagreed on nearly every aspect of the strengths and weaknesses that determined the outcome. While some cited political reasons, others focused on economic comparisons.

  • Civil War Historians have pointed to the greater resources and manpower of the North as to why the North Won
  • Other Historians contended that the South did have the resources to win the War but squandered them.

When writing a research paper on why the North won the Civil War, be sure to examine several theories relating to the North's victory. An educated discussion will demonstrate that the North's victory in the Civil War was not reliant on a single factor, but on a combination of several apparent advantages over the South.

Southerners and The Loss to the North

For many southerners, the loss to the North in the Civil War was caused by their forces simply being outnumbered. One southern soldier remarked, "If we had anything like a fair chance, or less disparity of numbers, we should have won our cause and established our independence". However, it was more complicated for other contemporary critics. Colonel Tansill's treatise listed thirteen causes, from reliance on foreign recognition to the election of military officers, while others, such as Kean, listed seven primary reasons, including:

  • A bankrupt treasury
  • Lack of men
  • Lack of food
  • Incompetence of military
  • Lack of transport
  • Recruiting problems
  • Desertion by slaves

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Why The North Won The Civil War Research Papers

Why the North Won the Civil War research papers look at reasons for the victory of the Union over the Confederate Army in Civil War Battles.

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