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Title Vii

Title VII

Title VII research papers discusses the legislation that grants many Americans their civil rights. Get help writing term papers and research papers from the writers at Paper Masters. No topic in politics or history is too difficult for our writers.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, a landmark piece of legislation in American history, outlawed discrimination based onthe following:

Its major features were outlined in 11 Titles. Get help today on a research paper on either the Civil Rights Movement or Title VII.

Title VII prohibits discrimination in employment, applicable to any employer with 15 or more employees. Title VII also prohibits discrimination against a person because of his or her association with another individual, such as through interracial marriage.

Interestingly, Title VII allows any employer, labor union, or employment agency to bypass unlawful employment practices for a person known to be involved with the Communist Party of the United States. However, it should be remembered that this legislation appeared in 1964, and the specter of American communism may not quite be what it once was. Under Title VII, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is charged with enforcement, alongside state fair employment practice agencies (FEPAs). Together, these two organization can investigate, mediate, and file lawsuits on behalf of an employee who has been discriminated against.

In 1986, the Supreme Court ruled that sexual harassment in the workplace was a form of sex discrimination, and therefore prohibited by Title VII. In 2012, the EEOC ruled that employment discrimination against transgendered individuals is also prohibited under Title VII.


From a public policy perspective legislation under Title VII is active in today's courts. Fortune Small Business discusses two discrimination cases that recently came before the courts. (Gray, 2006) In Domino's Pizza v. McDonald, John McDonald, an African American claimed that a Domino's executive told him "I don't like dealing with you people." Mr. McDonald filed as an individual under the Title VII provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. McDonald filed as an individual and the sole shareholder of his company. The question that was posed to the Supreme Court was whether or not McDonald could claim discrimination as an individual. The Supreme Court said that McDonald could not file as an individual. (Gray, 2006) If the Supreme Court of the United States had determined that the discrimination question was against McDonald and not his business small business owners throughout the country would have standing in instances where they did not receive contracts based on perceived discrimination. A more active court may have written a different decision. This is on the horizon of discrimination questions.

Arbaugh v. Y&H Corp. dba Moonlight Cafe was a case where the owner of the business sexually harassed a waitress. When the waitress won in federal court the owner appealed by claiming an exemption to Title VII discrimination rules. The owner claimed that the cafe was too small and that his delivery drivers were independent contractors and not eligible to included in his headcount. The District Court agreed as did the Appellate court. However, the Supreme Court of the United States disagreed and ruled in favor of the waitress.


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