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Dr. Kings Speeches

Dr. King's Speeches

Research papers on Dr. King's Speeches examine the brilliant rhetorical style of one of the most influential men in recent history. The Civil rights movement was spurred on by his speeches; learn more about them in a research paper from Paper Masters.

While Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech is perhaps his most famous, there are other of his speeches that have also made their mark on society. The speech King made regarding "Beyond Vietnam" still impacts the black culture of the United States. In fact, polls assessing the attitude of black Americans regarding the war in Iraq note that there is little support.Often, King is quoted in many black churches and organizations to reflect the current beliefs about war.These words involve the "taking the black young men who had been crippled by our society and sending them 8,000 miles away to guarantee liberties in Southeast Asia which they had not founding southwest Georgia and East Harlem". Many black Americans continue to find wisdom in King's words even today as they continue to face prejudice and discrimination within the United States.

Possible Speeches to Do a Research Paper On

  • 1962 - If the Negro Wins, Labor Wins
  • 1968 - I have a Dream
  • 1964 - The Quest for Peace and Justice
  • 1966 - Don't Sleep Through the Revolution
  • 1968 - The Other America

Even some of King's less famous speeches are utilized in the education of young blacks. Students are taught the concept of metaphors in helping them to understand King's message and how it might apply to them in their current lives. Additionally, students are encouraged to examine the power that exists in groups that ban together in order to make their country or their lives a better place. The King Center is a good place to get information about Dr King's speeches.

Learning from Dr. King's Speeches

One might conclude that individuals who actually heard such famous speeches were more likely to be influenced because they were already accepting of the political beliefs of King. That may be so, but there are reports of the dramatic influence of King's words upon individuals who were not looking for his influence. Kitsen is one such individual. She reports that the only reason she went to see King in his ministry was to hear the famous singer, Mahalia Jackson. As a young white, many of her friends told her that it was a black event - not for whites. Yet, she received more than she had come for during that event. The words of King had influenced her "attitudes about race relations".

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Dr. Kings Speeches Research Papers

Dr. King's Speeches research papers overview Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech writing and presentation. The Civil rights movement was spurred on by his speeches; learn more about them in a research paper from Paper Masters.

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