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Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants are those individuals who, for various reasons, cross national borders in violation of the immigration laws of the nation of entry. Undocumented immigrants are a problem in numerous countries, not just the United States, as people weigh the risks of illegal immigration in search of a better life. However, undocumented immigrants often face a host of problems in their new country because of their legal status.

Of the reasons that undocumented immigrants seek a new nation, many stem from economics. Undocumented ImmigrantsThe expansion of global trade, for example, has led to a proliferation of unskilled workers moving across borders in search of better wages, such as migrant agricultural laborers. Many undocumented immigrants are simply seeking refuge from conditions of poverty or overpopulation.

A second major reason for undocumented immigration is the result of warfare and conflict. People often seek refuge from war or oppression in their native country, including political or religious persecution. Often, such undocumented immigrants are reclassified as asylum seekers or refugees.

Undocumented immigrants face several challenges. Many are tricked into forms of slavery, such as prostitution, with the promise of a better life in a new country. Many undocumented immigrants often face the possibility of death, including death from exposure along the US/Mexico border, or drowning in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.

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