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Understanding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the taking, knowingly or unknowingly, of written information and presenting it as your own, original work. Statistics supporting the idea that incidents of plagiarism are increasing on college campuses can easily be found.

Plagiarism in academia is a misrepresentation of the authorship of someone else's work. As for written work, copyright law allows that once original text is written, copyright protects it. This allows an author to sell, lease or use her original material in any way she deems appropriate. Any writer, who willingly copies or uses another's written work in any way without proper acknowledgement, puts himself at risk of dire consequences.


Is Using Paper Masters Plagiarism?

No. Paper Masters provides a model research paper that is to be used as a guide to your own research and writing.

It is not plagiarism if you use our services as agreed upon when submitting an order. That is, take what we send you and integrate it into your own research and writing.

Taking Steps to Avoid Plagiarism

  1. If ordering a term paper, order only custom work, NEVER order a pre-written term paper
  2. Write on Term Paper Topics that are original and unique
  3. Never copy word for word another person's writing
  4. Always use citation to indicate where information was taken from.

Beware of internet scams -- Companies that claim to sell original work yet also sell pre-written term papers. Where do they get their pre-written term papers from?

Custom written term papers are plagiarism free term papers!