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Ultrasound Research Papers

Ultrasound research papers are custom written to serve the needs of medical health students that are looking for original research. Get help with your APA format research papers by hiring one of our writers.

The technological advancements that have occurred in the field of medicine during the last half of the twentieth century has created a need for adequately trained professionals. These inventions and tools have changed the face of medical care in that they facilitate diagnosis and the treatment of diseases and disorders that could not be effectively treated prior to their development. UltrasoundMany of these positions provide good career opportunities for individuals who are interested in health care and have technological or computer skills. Consequently, training programs must involve a combination of courses and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Anatomy
  • Patient care
  • Computer operation

Advances in technology are only as adequate as the training that these professionals receive. Consequently, before technology can be used effectively in medicine, technicians must be trained to perform these duties. For example, if a hospital purchases an expensive technological tool that is useful in diagnosis and treatment, it will be unable to utilize it effectively until the right personnel are hired. Thus, these technological areas are critical in terms of being filled by skilled professionals. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the career opportunities that are available in the area of ultrasound technology.  

There are many areas of employment with regard to the use of ultrasound technology. One of the most valuable areas involves furthering ultrasound technology. While the ultrasound is most commonly connected to its use with pregnant patients, it can be utilized in other areas. For example, specialized ultrasound equipment can also be utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular problems. Thus, ultrasound specialists can creative develop new ways to use this method for different disorders.

Additionally, improvements can be made in the ultrasound equipment. This involves investigating new ways to build the machine making it easier to use and decreasing opportunities for mistakes. “Improvements in productivity throughout an ultrasound or other medical department can ease manpower requirements. Ergonomics in design will help ease the shortage of specialists, and the total systems approach will improve work flow”. Thus, individuals who are able to redesign ultrasound machinery so that they can be used more easily are important career areas in the field of ultrasound design. This requires training in design engineering with an emphasis in biomedical technology. This typically requires four to five years of training and education at a university earning a bachelor’s degree.

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