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The subject of the medical health research is Typhoid. The research paper introduction should clearly state the purpose of the research paper. The body should have an organized explanation of the organism, its life cycle, how it is transmitted to humans, and how it is treated with some discussion of the bioterrorism agent's effect on humans. A clear description of the nurse's role in a bioterrorism attack or biological accident which relates the systems theory to a bioterriosm attack or biological accident. The conclusion should sum up the research paper in a logical fashion.

Typhoid Today

TyphoidThe research paper illustrates how typhoid is handled today. If an individual were to come down with a case of typhoid, which during the 19th century caused millions of deaths, that person’s name would be reported to public heath officials in an attempt to contain the outbreak, trace the path of the virus and find out whom else may be at risk.  If left untreated, typhoid leads to a quick and painful death.  Even an extreme measure such as quarantine, which could be seen as a violation of civil rights, would be upheld as justifiable in the greater needs of public health.


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