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TurnItIn.com and the Story of Research Papers

One of the greatest assets to stopping plagiarism in research papers at colleges and universities has been TurnItIn.com. TurnItIn.com started over 10 years ago as plagiarism.org, in an attempt to monitor plagiarism in papers submitted at UC Berkeley.

TurnItIn.com Saves You Against Plagiarism on the Internet

Because of TurnItIn.com, custom research papers are the only kind of research papers you can purchase on the internet safely.


TurnItIn.com Research Paper ResultsTurnItIn.com has grown to monitor research papers across the globe and insure that student's work is not recycled or reused on the internet, passed from friend to friend, or even distributed via online research paper sharing programs. TurnItIn.com has played a major role in making term paper companies that sell pre-written papers obsolete and in taking tens of thousands of pre-written, plagiarized research papers off the market.

TurnItIn.com is your greatest ally when looking to purchase a custom research paper online.

How TurnItIn.com Works on Research Papers

TurnItIn.com is a simple database concept that is extremely effective in detecting repeated words, phrases or entire paragraphs that appear similar in documents on the internet or in their extensive database of "millions of student papers" already submitted over the past 10 years to TurnItIn.com.

The simple process professors take to submit their paper is illustrated below, as depicted on the TurnItIn.com web site.

  1. Your professor submits your research paper via a simple upload page on the TurnItIn.com web site
  2. TurnItIn.com software evaluates the research paper and compares it against billions of documents on the internet and within their own database
  3. TurnItIn.com then instantaneously gives your professor a detailed chart illustrating if your paper matched any content within any of the papers on the internet or in its database. This includes short phrases, quotations and any research papers purchases from term paper companies that do not write custom work.

TurnItIn.com and You


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