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Treatment for Children with Bronchiolitis Research Papers

Paper Masters custom writes research papers on many different treatment plans that affect children. Treatment for children with bronchiolitis is complex and special considerations must be outlined in any research paper that discusses how to treat children with the disorder.

There are a number of potential complications that can result from bronchiolitis. Permanent lung damage leading to chronic bronchitis, collapse of a small portion of the lung, bronchiectasis, repeated pneumonia, and rarely, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Generally, curable in 7 days there are indications that infants who have 2 or more episodes of bronchiolitis before age 2 are more likely to develop allergies and asthma. As noted earlier, while it may be impossible to prevent bronchiolitis it is possible to minimize the symptoms thereby reducing the potential of some of the more serious persistent complications. Home care becomes a critical factor in the overall care of the symptoms experienced by the child. 

In-home Care of a Child with Bronchiolitis

In examining the literature there seems to be a number of general measures that can be taken at home or by the primary caregiver including:Treatment for Children with Bronchiolitis

  • If you have a humidifier, run it in the child's room, out of reach of the bed.  Fill it with cool water.  Direct the mist stream towards your child's face.  Using the humidifier will help loosen the sputum in your child's throat, making it easier to breathe.
  • Hanging wrung-out wet towels or sheets in your child's room will also add moisture to the air.   Extra bed pillows will raise your child's head and make breathing easier.   
  • Once the breathing is easier, keep the child warm and give clear liquids (water, apple juice, lemonade, tea, or ginger ale).  The liquids should be room temperature.  Giving plenty of liquids will keep the child's sputum thin. 
  • Keep the child's nose mucus-free. Gently use a rubber bulb suction device to remove the mucus. 
  • You should try to stay calm and have your child rest as much as possible.  If children are afraid and crying, their breathing problems and coughing will get worse.  It may help to have the child sleep in the same room with you, where he or she will feel safer.
  • Do not let anyone smoke near the child. Smoke can make the child's coughing and breathing problems worse.
  • If the child has a high fever, give acetaminophen, Not aspirin.

Essentially, the recommendations are to keep the humidity in the child's room as high as possible. Cleaning humidifier daily the caregiver should use an ultrasonic, cool-mist humidifier.  If they don't have a humidifier, run cold or hot water in the shower with windows and doors closed to produce a high-humidity room.  Hold the child in this room for 20 minutes several times a day, especially at bedtime.  If the child awakens at night with wheezing or shortness of breath or coughing, repeat the process.  Breathing cool outside air may help. Have the child rest until symptoms have subsided for 48 hours.  Then normal activities may be resumed gradually.  Offer the child clear fluids frequently. Give water, tea, carbonated drinks, lemonade, weak bouillon, diluted fruit juice or gelatin.

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