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Transition by Chaz Bono Essays

Transition by Chaz Bono research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Transition by Chaz BonoOn March 4, 1969, Sonny and Cher became first-time parents of a beautiful little girl. They named the child Chastity Sun and later introduced her to America on their television program. Childhood was a tumultuous time for Chastity, not sure of who she was, a girl or a boy. At eighteen, she was forced to announce herself as a lesbian when tabloids exposed her. She was not comfortable with this assignment and it took many more years for her to declare that she was a man, only inhabiting a woman’s body.

Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man is the story of that journey, and how she resolved it for herself and those who love her. Chastity is now Chaz, engaged to a woman, Jennifer, whom he met when he was a declared lesbian. Jennifer and Chaz’s mother, Cher, talk about the transition they too had to make, because it is true that one relates differently to females and males. Chaz describes himself as the male version of Chastity. His softer side has given way to a more logical, “more linear [in his thinking], less talkative...more solution-focused” person. He described the effects of the testosterone which he takes as bringing on a “second puberty” with acne, increased sex drive and hair growth.

Chaz uses his book to forward his work as an advocate for those who have experienced what he has, the feeling that he was born in the wrong body. The book, and his life, is a tribute to the willingness to adjust that he, his family, his fiancé, and society have shown.

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